Few holistic tips in this complicated pandemic situation

In this complicated pandemic situation there are few holistic tips you can use to boost your immunity and prevent catching flue. This can be used for home and office.

All coniferous tree oils can be of very good help for that purpose. No matter if it is Spruce, Silver Fir or Pine essential oil, they all have very strong purifying properties in physical and spiritual context. Getting sick means that your energy / immune system is down and all those three coniferous tree oils can bust your vitality. By diffusing these oils in aroma lamp can improve the ability to focus– in office environment or at home.

The older trick which we use in our office to refresh and to purify the air and to create really warm working atmosphere is - we grow thyme (like 90% of the windows in the offices in USA cannot be open) so because of this fabulous thyme, every single morning we get aromatic air in our office.

As always if you need holistic advice feel free to contact us