Lavender for sleep

Lavender for sleep

We all know how stressful our lives are due to hectic schedules and actively working for prolonged hours. A good sleep is all we need to relax the nerves and calm the body again to restore the energy. The good news is that Lavender essential oil shows promising results in the ability to relieve stress, lift the mood and enhance sleep. 

Lavender oil has calming and soothing properties that assists in a great sleep to the entire family, but there is only one condition – Lavender oil should be 100% pure and natural and should not be adulterated with any other synthetics. There are many other lavender oils available in the market which are impure and ineffective.

A few ways to include lavender oil in your life:

Spray a few drops of pure lavender oil on a piece of cotton ball and put it under your pillow
Put a diffuser that dispense mist of water and lavender oil in the room where you sleep for 30 minutes before bed
Apply a massage oil blend containing lavender oil as one of its ingredients
Pour a little lavender oil into spoon of sea salt, then stir it into the warm water for bath

Due to its exotic and soothing properties, lavender oil is widely popular in cosmetics and soap manufacturing, but again it depends what quality of lavender oil they are using?

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