Time for Rose Oil Preorders

Time for Rose Oil Preorders

We are ready for your prepaid PO for Rose Oil and Hydrosol, harvest 2022.
Contact us with you inquiry for: USDA Organic and Non Organic Rose Oil and Rose Hydrosols

Not too late to buy USDA Organic Lavender Oil at clearance price. We do not keep old inventory in stock.

This year the price of Rose Products will go up, due to several factors like war close to Bulgaria and the big deficit of the rose harvest we expect.

Last few years we faced many difficulties. In Bulgaria many rose fields were abandoned due to shortage of workers and other restrictions. Last year there was a horrible hailstorm and many of the rose fields were totally damaged. It will take a few years for the fields to recover after this hail.

In regards this note that this year we will produce only for the preorders we receive
So Reserve your quantity now.