Bulk Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Bulk Bulgarian Lavender Oil

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Our Bulgarian Lavender Oil for wholesale available in stock is conventional and is grown in this field.

It is 100% pure, natural and coming from  Rose Valley - Bulgaria, undiluted and not modified.

Our Lavender oil has - Linalool: 28.49%, Linalyl acetate: 32.5%, Camphor: 0.20%

The aroma of our lavender is strong, deep, very radiant, rich and spicy. This aroma is like going back into your childhood house ...with the deep relaxing aroma of the summer night breeze.

We trust only to our quality that way we offer closed production cycle from growing lavender plants to a destination of Lavender Oil and importing this product in USA for you.
We know everything about our lavender oil - the field and the plants because we raise our lavender as our child. We even know the bees flying nearby.

Our Wholesale Packages of Bulgarian Lavender Oil
are aluminium bottles of  1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, and
Iron drums of 180 kg
are aluminum bottles of 35 oz, 11 lb, 22 lb, 55 lb 110 lb, 220 lb and
Iron drums of 396.8 lb
If you cannot see your quantity listed on the price menu contact us for quote
The sample from Our Bulk Bulgarian Lavender Oil is  representing a particular batch. When you request a sample of our lavender oil, ask us to reserve your order quantity for you

Main Composition Components of Our Bulgarian Lavender Oil-
Linalool: 28.49%, 
Linalyl acetate: 32.5%, 
Camphor: 0.20%

Conventional Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Botanical name Lavandula Angustifolia
Origin -Bulgaria
Harvesting-Cultivated Part of plant used - Stems  tops and flowers
Harvest time - July-August
Method of production - Steam distillation
Appearance - Clear to pale yellow 
Aroma - Pure, very rich lavender aroma
Consistency: Thin
Density at 20°C or 68°F: 1.0
Refractive Index at 20°C - 1,4570 - 1,4670
Optical rotation - -3,0 to -10,0
Flash point (closed cup)- 71°C or 159 °F
Acid value - Max 1
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine