Aroma products by pre-order only

Due to the high volume of interest and our limited production,
some of our aroma products for wholesale are available only with custom pre-order.
Contact us with your inquiries

Organic Rosa Damscena
Oil and Hydrosol
Organic Bulgarian Rose
Organic Bulgarian Lavender
Oil and Hydrososl
Organic Bulgarian Lavender 

Organic Rosa Alba
Oil and HydrosolOrganic Rosa Alba

Organic Melissa
Oil and Hydrosol
Organic melissa oil for wholesale
Organic and Conventional
Roman Chamomile 
Oil & HydrosolOrganic Chamomile for wholesale- Blue
 Organic and Conventional
 Blue Chamomile Oil & Hydrosol
Organic Chamomile - Roman for wholesale
Organic Zdravets Oil and HydrosolOrganic Zdravets Geranium Macrorrhizum Oil and Hydrosol for wholesale
Organic Abies Alba 
Siver Fir OilAbies Alba Oil and Hydrosol USDA Organic for wholesale