Bulk Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Pure Bulgarian Lavender  deals only with fresh harvest from the current year.
Main part of our products are our own production. We offer a wide variety of high quality raw ingredients for wholesale: pure therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes, extracts, hydrosols / natural waters, and etc. Products typical for Bulgarian region - conventional and organic. All of our natural products have very intense and radiant aroma, which cannot be compared with anything else. Due to the high volume of interest and our limited production some products are available only by order, contact us for details.

Bulgarian Rosa Oil
Bulgarian Rose Oil for wholesale

 Bulgarian Lavender Oil
Bulgaria Lavender Oil for wholesale
Bulgarian Rose Hydroslo
Rose water rose hydroslol for wholesale

Bulgarian Melissa Oil Melissa Essential Oil foe wholesale 

Yarrow OilYarrow Essential Oil for wholesale

 Bulgarian Lavender Hydroslol
Bulk Lavender hydroslol 

Chamomile Blue 
Chamomile Blue Oil for wholesalw

Roman Chamomile 
Chamomile Roman Oil for wholesale