St. John's Wort Oil USDA Organic for wholesale

St. John's Wort Oil and Hydrosol USDA OrganicOur St. John's Wort Oil for wholesale is USDA Organic
It is 100% Pure  and grown in Bulgaria.

St. John's Wort Oil is one of the most used home remedies in east Europe.
St. John’s wort has  the abilities to heal and regenerate the skin, reduce the scarring and has anti-inflammatory properties. 
Undeniably antidepressant effect of St. John's Wort's is its strongest side. The herb contains a rare combination of antidepressant chemicals that fight depression and anxiety. This herb is also ideal for people with winter sadness or depression due to the lack of sunlight, chronic stress and fatigue,  

St. John's Wort enhancing the metabolism, boosts health and cognitive function. 
Has the abilities to regulate hormonal activity . It is beneficial for women's health, helps to reduce sensitivity of pre-menstrual symptoms and menopausal mood swings

Minimum purchasing quantity -5 kg

Our Wholesale Packages of St. John's Wort Oil are:
Aluminium bottles of  1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg
Aluminium bottles of  35 oz, 4.4 lb, 11 lb

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Aroma product profile 
Main Composition Components of Our Bulgarian St. John's Wort Oil:
2,6-dimethylheptane, nonane, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, germacrene D, etc.

Botanical name Hypericum perforatum
Origin -Bulgaria
Harvesting-Wild Organic
Part of plant used - Leaves and flowers
Harvest time - June - July
Method of production - Steam distillation
Appearance - Clear to pale yellow to greenish
Aroma - Warm aroma, softly sweet and herbaceous
Consistency:  Mobile
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine