Zdravets Oil - Geranium Macrorrhizum

Our Zdravets Geranium Macrorrhizum Oil and Hydrosol for wholesale are botanical kind very specific for Bulgarian region.

In Bulgarian Zdravets mean “Health”. In Bulgaria there no house without Zdravets. Bulgarians believe that this plant has special  power to protect families' health, uplifts the spirits, stimulates the immune system and gives a courage

If Rosa Damascena is feminine plant, Zdravets is considered to be male herb and to supports the man's energy and power.

Because Bulgarian Zdravets Oil has a wide array of beneficial properties, it is highly prized natural product in fine perfumery and aroma holistic therapy. 

In perfumery is used as a fixative,  has base note, radiant very rich aroma, sweet-woody and herbaceous

Our Wholesale Packages of Zdravets Oil are:
Aluminium cans of 1, 2, 5 and 10 kg 
Aluminium cans of 35 oz, 4.4 lb, 11 lb 
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This product is shipped directly from our warehouse in Bulgaria, shipping usually takes  about 2 to 3 weeks 

Due to a limited production Zdravets Essential Oil and Hydrosol can be produced only with custom pre orders. To ensure quantity we need to receive your pre order before August 31 for the current year

Our Wholesale Packing of Zdravets Water / Hydrosol are:
Plastic drums of 210 kg (462 lb)  or 1 ton IBC container
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samples we offer from our Bulk Zdravets Oil are from particular batch, by giving you this sample we promise to reserve the desired quantity for you

Aroma product profile
Main Composition Components of Zdravets Oil-
Geraniol, germacol, sesquiterpene, hydrocarbons, etc.

Botanical name - Geranium Macrorrhizum
Rrigin -Bulgaria
Harvesting-Wild organic
Part of plant used - Stems, leaves and flowers
Harvest time - September - December
Method of production - Steam distillation
Appearance - Yellow green mixture of crystals and liquid
Aroma - radiant very rich aroma, sweet-woody and herbaceous
Acid value - max 3
Ester value - 7-15
Acetyl value 25 - 55
Free alcohols (as geraniol) 4.83 - 13.2 %
Bound alcohols 4.83 - 13.2%
Total alcohol 6.83 - 20.7%
Melting point 35°C - 95°F
Density at 40°C or 104°F: 0.9380 - 0.9680
Refractive Index at 40°C  or 104 °F- 1.5003 - 1.5189
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine

Aroma product profile 
Main Composition Components of Our Bulgarian Melissa Oil
Geranial: 10-45%
Neral: 6-30%
Germacrene: 0-20%

Botanical name - Melissa officinalis
Origin -Bulgaria
Part of plant used - leaves and flowering tops
Harvest time - August- September
Method of production - Steam distillation
Appearance - Pale yellow 
Aroma - Pure, very rich and fresh, citrus, herbaceous, and radiant
Consistency: Thin
Density at 20°C or 68°F: 0,850 to 0,910;   .
Refractive Index at 20°C - 1,480 to 1,495 
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine