Bright Melissa Oil

Lemon balm, botanically named Melissa Officinalis, simply known as ‘Melissa” is a delightful perennial plant, it creates a warming and gracious atmosphere, making it a must have plant in every garden. The word Melissa came from the Greek word ‘Melitta’ which means ‘bee’ because it attracts bees and at the same time it act as a natural repellent against mosquitos.

Melissa is highly effective in spasms in the gastrointestinal tract and against flatulence. It is a natural remedy for digestive problems and stimulates stomach to produce more gastric fluid making it easier to decompose the food.

Here are some ways to use Melissa Oil
1. Diffuse Melissa oil in aroma lamp with water
2. Put few dropps of Melissa Oil on sea salt and dissolve in your warm bath tub.
3. Dilute Melissa Oil into carrier oil (grape seeds oil) and use topically to massage the abdomen area for digestive problemsor massage the entire body for deep relaxation

Pure Melissa essential oil is very strong, antibacterial, antiviral, antidepressant, mood-enhancing, cardio tonic and nerve-calming making it a must have in every household.

To get pure Melissa essential oil, please contact us. 

Our Melissa Oil has very intensive and bright aroma.