Who we are

  • We keep our fields clean and after that this is giving us pure products

    We are growers

    Our fields of rose, lavender, and other aromatic plants are in Rose Valley – Bulgaria. We are the finest place where Rose and Lavender Oils come from. Look how clean our fields are. The same like our aromatic products. When we promise "100% pure," we really mean it.

  • Our distillery It is not fancy, because we use it a lot during the season. It is giving the most precious and very radiant aromatic products essential oils and flower waters.

    Our distillery

    It is not fancy because we use it a lot during the season, but it gives us the most precious and most radiant aromatic products, essential oils, and flower waters. Our clients value us for the finest quality. Most of our clients have been working with us for a very long time, and are coming year after year.

  • We spetialize in privat label skin care products with Rose Essential Oil

    Private label A - Z

    From more than 15 years, we satisfy our clients with our private label service. What makes us so special is the True Rose Oil and Lavender we impute in our natural formulation. Learn here more about private label service.

We are very ECO oriented company. We hand dig and hand crop to preserve the local eco system

We are very ECO oriented company

We are very proud of being authentic and old fashioned - we hand dig and hand crop our plants. We have been using these techniques for many generations. This let's us to keep the environment clean and it is also healthy for our plants. After that, we have this in return of highly concentrated essential oils with radiant aroma.
Hand digging & hand cropping let's us to preserve local the eco system. This way we are able to save every little creature living in our fields. Small things can make a big impact.

Our Impact

Since getting into the production 20 years ago, Pure Bulgarian Lavender has committed to delivering sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. As a producer of natural aromatic products, we are dedicated to women, we are devoted to creating job opportunities for women and minorities in our fields and distillery in Karlovo - the heart of Bulgaria's Rose Valley. We believe in equal pay for equal work for both women and men. Over half of our seasonal workers are Bulgarian Roma women, who rely on the income to feed their families through the entire year. Our skilled ladies dig the plants, grow, trim, and pick the petals by hand.

We are women owned business and Pure Bulgarian lavender was founded by Aneta Takeva

We are women owned business

"I am Aneta Takeva, the founder of Pure Bulgarian Lavender. Growing roses, herbs and holistic healing was a family tradition for many generations. I also have my education in Aromatherapy and Fine Perfumery Art
I am Bulgarian, I grew up in the Rose Valley - Bulgaria. My company is a grower and distiller of essential oils and hydrosols.
I also have good relationships with most of the local distilleries and farms, which allow me to get the highest quality essential oil at special pricing. 
My team of experts also is doing brand developing and private label service.
We do not sacrifice quality of our pure essential oils for price. We only deal with the most fresh harvest from the current year. and in our skin care products only impute quality European ingredients”                                                  Aneta Takeva