Who we are

pure rose oil from Bulgaria

We offer wide variety of bulk natural raw ingredients from Bulgaria region - essential oils, extracts, macerates and natural products. 
Our most popular natural products for wholesale are Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena) and Bulgarian Lavender Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia).
The finest Rose and Lavender essential oils are coming from famous Rose Valley – Bulgaria.
Because of the unique climatic conditions and geologic settings in the area, Bulgarian rose oil and Lavender oil are considered of premium quality with a very rich, multilayered fragrance.

As you may or may not know, the Rose Valley in Bulgaria produces half of the world’s finest rose and lavender essential oils 
Pure Bulgarian Lavender  is a family owned business located in Chicago and is exclusive broker and importer for Bulgarian Rose Oil, Bulgarian Lavender Oil, and  other bulk natural products from Bulgaria region - essential oils, extracts, macerates and natural products. We are working directly with more than 50 big and small distillers and farms in Bulgaria.

we carefully inspect our distilars“I am Aneta Takeva, the founder of Pure Bulgarian Lavender. I am Bulgarian, I grew up in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria and have good relationships with most of the local producers which allow me to get the highest quality essential oil at special pricing. 
My team carefully selects our natural products, we fully inspect all of our essential oils distillers and farms and we guaranty the highest quality in our bulk natural products.  We do not sacrifice quality of our pure essential oils for price.
We deal only with the fresh harvest from the current year. My company was established in 2008 in Chicago, but growing and caring for roses and herbs has been a family tradition for over a century. “
                                                         Aneta Takeva