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Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil for Wholesale

This wonderful Organic Lavender Oil is available only per barrel of 180 kg
Properties: Linalool: 29.34%, Linalyl acetate: 35.31%, Camphor: 0.15%
The aroma of this bulk lavender oil batch is light, herbaceous, and spicy. Remind of thyme because of the higher concentration of TERPINEN. The aroma of this bulk Bulgarian lavender oil is making you feel like you are high up in the mountain in a cozy cottage with a super delightful cup of tea watching the sunset with your loved one.
We do not like to campere with alchemics making something caled lavender oil. We provide authentic, pure lavender oil, cultivated and distilled in central Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian lavender oil is known for its highly concentrated properties and is renowned for its purity and quality.
We ship our Organic Lavender Oil worldwide directly from our distilary in Bulgaria

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Bulk Lavender Oil

$89 for 2.2 Lb / 1 kg
$65 with MPQ 110 Lb / 50 kg
The aroma of this bulk lavender oil batch is pure lavender-like, has a soapy clean scent with water depth in the aroma, and is slightly spicy.
The aroma is like a summer night; breezy, it makes you feel so calm. 
Properties: Linalool: 28.47%, Linalyl acetate: 31.69
%, Camphor: 0.27%
This batch is available in packages from 2.2 lb to 110 lb

Availble in our Chicago warhouse

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  • Roman & Blue Chamomile Oil

    For wholesale, we offer:
    - Blue Chamomile Oil
    - Roman Chamomile

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  • Bulk Yarrow Oil

    Yarrow Oil

    Yrrow has an extensive array of aroma therapeutic properties, the most important of which may be its ability to purify in its applications
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  • Organic St. John Wort Oil

    This is one of the most respected oils by our team with my great healing and spiritual power.
    If you need deep soothing, this is the one.
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  • We offer USDA organic Rose Oil and non organic Rose Oil foe wholesale

    Rose Oil and Rosewater

    Our Rose Oil has a multidimensional aroma with a fruity and a little bitter underlayer, which turns later into a deep and light at the same time flower rosy aroma. In natural perfumes, once the aroma is mature it stays stable.
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    for Rose Water MPO is 1 ton and is shiped worldwite from our distilary in Bulgaria
    For Rose Oil MPO is 1 kg

  • We offer USDA Organic and Non Organic Melissa Oil

    Melissa Oil

    Bulgarian Melissa Oil is prized as the most bright aroma of the finest quality.
    Our Melissa has a distinct and very radiant scent.

    Our Melissa Oil is 100% Pure and grown in our fields in Bulgaria.
    We ship all orders worldwide directly from our distilary in Bulgaria

  • Organic Zdravets Geranium Macrorrhizum

    This very radian aromatic oil from Geranium family is one of a kind and very unique for Bulgaria.
    In the art of perfumery If Rosa Damascena represents the feminine principle, then Zdravets Oil represents the masculine principle.
    The aroma of Zdravets gives depth and mysticism to the perfume, as well as fixes the aroma. Currently we produce this oil only with custom pre order

  • Organic Pine Oil

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    The aroma of our Organic Bulk Pine Oil is like you are in a deep pine forest after a rain
    a-pinene: 41.54%
    b-pinene: 24.61%
    Acid value - max 1.04
    Ester value - 0.85 - 15.4

  • Organic Juniper Berry Oil

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    Juniper Berry Oil - In meditation clear the focus and stimulates third chakra.
    Main Components
    α-Pinene: 44.76%
    β-Pinene+Sabinene: 7.57%
    β-Myrcene: 18.19%

  • Organic Silver Fir Oil

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    Do you know that Abies Alba Tree from the Coniferous family has a female emergence and can support the courage in women?
    Main Constituents are
    β-Pinene: 24.10 %
    Limonene: 17.11 %