How do we make our precious Rose Oil

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Pure Bulgarian Lavender is currently taking orders specifications for our Rose Oil and Hydrosol  - USDA Organic and Conventional
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USDA Organic Essential Oils

Bulk conventional Lavender and Rose essential oils

We offer variety of bulk essential oils and hydrosols typical for Bulgarian region. Our most popular natural products are: - The finest Rose and Lavender Oils,  - Our gorges Melissa,  - The powerful Yarrow,  - Our unique for Bulgaria Zdravetz  A full list

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Pure Melissa essential oil is very strong, antibacterial, antiviral, antidepressant, mood-enhancing, cardio tonic and nerve-calming making it a must have in every household.

Bright Melissa Oil

Lemon balm, botanically named Melissa Officinalis, simply known as ‘Melissa” is a delightful perennial plant, it creates a warming and gracious atm...
Rose Oil is a very important ingredient in most powerful spells

Rose Oil is a very important ingredient in most powerful spells

Did you know that rose oil is a very important ingredient in the most powerful spells?Today we have a double holiday:1. October the month of women ...
Our Organic Lavender is free of weeds and snakes. This mean for us really pure lavender

Who is growing our Organic Lavender Oil and how?

Meet Teddy, she is the lady taking care of our really pure organic lavender oil and keeping them free of weeds and snakes. She is the woman who loo...

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