The Finest Rose Oil is Bulgarian

with ethereal, honey sweet and fruity aroma, with greenish bitter underlayer

From July 16 to Aug 25 we will ship orders from Bulgaria only

Please be aware that our Chicago warehouse will be closed for a month from July 16 to August 25.
During that period we will ship orders only from Bulgaria.
We are a family business and all of us will be helping harvesting our products in Bulgaria.
Contact us for details 

Rose campaign is done!

How do we make our precious Rose Oil

Our USDA Organic Lavender

getting ready for the new harvest of 2021

Blog posts

USDA Organic blue chamomile

USDA Organic blue chamomile

First batch of USDA organic German/ Blue Chamomile Oil and Water are ready.Contact us with your inquiry. 
The women behind our wonderful quality

The women behind our wonderful quality

These amazing, hard working women are behind our pure quality.Everything in this field is hand made, from digging to harvesting. We are very proud ...
Heavy rain and hail on our rose field

Heavy rain and hail on our rose field

Heavy rain and hail on our rose field. Lets see who we will win this battle - the beauty (Rosa Damascena) or the beast (weather). We lost already o...

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