Silver Fir Tree

has a strong purifying ability

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How do we make our precious Rose Oil

USDA Organic Essential Oils

Bulk conventional Lavender and Rose essential oils

We offer variety of bulk essential oils and hydrosols typical for Bulgarian region. Our most popular natural products are: - The finest Rose and Lavender Oils,  - Our gorges Melissa,  - The powerful Yarrow,  - Our unique for Bulgaria Zdravetz  A full list

Blog posts

Hope of Spring

Hope of Spring

Here in Chicago, its so snowy ⛄️❄️just like a fascinating part of storytelling, everything is covered in snow, roads, houses, buildings, trees, but...
Abies Alba, Silver Fir for wholesale

Significance of Silver Fir Essential Oil

Do you know that Abies Alba Tree from Coniferous family has a female emergence and can support the courage in women. Ancient healers and charmers u...
Lavender for sleep

Lavender for sleep

We all know how stressful our lives are due to hectic schedules and actively working for prolonged hours. A good sleep is all we need to relax the...

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