We hand crop our lavender harvest and hand dig our lavender plants to clean the weeds

Our Impact

Growing lavender has been a family tradition for many generations. Our ancestors taught us to respect the nature and all living creatures that live there.

We hand crop and dig our lavender plants. Look at how clean our fields are. This effort is returned back into very bright and intensive aromatic lavender oil.

Hand cropping is very important

  • first, to provide our clients with real pure lavender oil, free of weeds and snakes
  • second, to preserve the local ecosystem and save all living creatures in our field.

We do not use any pesticides, only natural fertile stimulants. We do not use pesticides even for our non-organic plants, because we really love our plants and take care of them like our own children.
Little things are making the big picture.

If every one of us has this in mind, the world will be better.
We are hoping that more farmers will start awaking and join us in our