My Last Sunday Inspiration – “Fire of Love” Perfume

My Last Sunday Inspiration – “Fire of Love” Perfume

With three kind of rose oils.

This perfume was made last Sunday. It has a name Fire of Love and is dedicated to an old song.
To describe the  aromas of passion, longing and desire in this “fire of love” I used three different batches of our rose oils - in the middle, in the heart of the perfume. With these three rose oil batches I made my perfume to pulse like a real human heart beat.

*First batch was from 2019 – yang rose oil with very dynamic and disobedient spirit, with greenish explosive character and full with energy.
*Second batch of rose oil is from 2020 – has a seductive, honey-goldish aroma - it helped me to express the passion.
*Third batch was from 2018 – has deep mature rose aroma, helped me giving intensity to the fire in my perfume.

With this composition of rose oils I made my perfume like its a real human heart in love.

To make this fire colorful, full with passion and desire I add to the middle - Lavender Absolute and Jasmin Grandiflorum.

To make the fire powerful and strong I add in the base - Sandalwood oil, Amiris Oil and Frankincense Oil, then on the top, to make it more airy I added Grapefruit oil, Black pepper oil and one of our 2020 batches of lavender oil with a little minty undertone.

How you know each oil and batch has a different character.
They are like children born from Mother Nature.
If you are curious about the energy nature of our oils and batches Contact Us.