Quality of our USDA Organic Pine Essential Oil 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌄 🌄 🌄

Our Organic Pine Essential Oil/Pinus Sylvestris is wild harvested from the region near the Rila Mountain, Bulgaria and is distilled in our distillery Near Sredna Gora. In the picture, you can see Abies Alba, our Founder Aneta and Pinus Sylvestris. She is very much involved in Quality Control to ensure you get the best essential oils.

Our Organic Pine Essential Oil has the Following main constituents

α-pinene: 41.54%

β-pinene: 24.61%

Acid value: max 1.04

Ester value: 0.85 - 15.45

The aroma is like pine forest – deep and pure.

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