Rose Oil and Acne Treatment

Acne tends to grown on the oily surface of the skin; the first thought that comes to the mind while treating those acnes is to find a product that dries out and combats with the oily surface of the skin. Using the common acne solutions which consist harsh chemical peels and acids that dehydrate and damages the skin.

Instead of using these chemical based solutions, cosmetic companies should go for the Rose Oil, which has been proven to improve skin tone and texture. Rose Oil is packed with components, antioxidants and amino acids, all of which treat common skin conditions such as aging, redness and acne.

To treat acne, the first principle in the cosmetic industry is to keep the skin hydrated rather than dried out because insufficient moisture sends a signal to the skin to produce excessive sebum therefore, continuing the vicious acne breakout cycle. Cosmetic manufacture should develop more face creams which contains Bulgarian Rose Oil to tap the acne-fighting benefits.
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