The Quality of our USDA Organic Lavender Oil

Growing lavender was family tradition from several generation.
We care for our lavender the same way as for our children.
USDA ORGANIC Lavender oil is a boutique, highly concentrated lavender oil with Linalool: 27.43%, Linalyl acetate: 34.68%, Camphor: 0.2%

We do not sacrifice price for quality and for us quality truly matter.
That way we offer full and closed cycle of Bulgarian Lavender Pleasure Journey
from growing – distilling and delivering to your door.

The aroma
of our bulk USDA organic lavender oil batch is light, herbaceous, and spicy. Remind of thyme because is highly concentration on TERPINEN. The aroma of this bulk Bulgarian lavender oil is making you feel like you are high up in the mountain in a cozy cottage with a super delightful cup of tea watching the sunset with your loved one.