USDA Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil Pleasure Journey

USDA Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil Pleasure Journey

We are very pleased to inform you that our harvest 2021 of USDA Organic Lavender Oil is ready for you. Our direct service and sources will put smile on your face and will free you from extra stress. Working with us is a certain pleasure.
You can order with us with confidence!

How do we work

*Door to door delivery including custom

*High Quality

*The aroma of our Lavender is adorable


*We care about our community

We do door to door delivery including clearing customs for you

We are the only one grower and manufacturer of lavender oil, who do door to door delivery and can pass the custom for you. Working with us is a pleasure and will free you from extra headache and stress as we take care of import/export rules and complications.

We have very good relationships with several carriers and transport companies and we receive exclusive discounts on different shipping rates and services, which we will pass on your shipments.

Our Quality
Growing lavender was family tradition from several generation.
We care for our lavender the same way as for our children.
USDA ORGANIC Lavender oil is a boutique, highly concentrated lavender oil with Linalool: 27.43%, Linalyl acetate: 34.68%, Camphor: 0.2%
We do not sacrifice price for quality and for us quality truly matters.
That way we offer full and closed cycle of Bulgarian Lavender Pleasure Journey
from growing – distilling and delivering to your door.

The aroma
of our bulk USDA organic lavender oil batch is light, herbaceous, and spicy. Remind of thyme because is highly concentration on TERPINEN. The aroma of this bulk Bulgarian lavender oil is making you feel like you are high up in the mountain in a cozy cottage with a super delightful cup of tea watching the sunset with your loved one.

When we produce our lavender oil, we do not destroy the eco system around it.
We work with extra care for quality and preserve the nature on and around our fields. We are very proud of being old traditional company and use hand cropping to collect our lavender harvest. This old fashion technique keeps the region clean and does not affect the eco system around. Every single bird’s nest is save along with snakes and all natural creatures leaving in our lavender fields. During the hand cropping process, we clean up the weeds and snakes from the lavender steams, to offer the pure lavender oil. Small things matter!

We care about our community

Our fields, growing and production of Lavender oil are essential job opportunity for many local ethnos families, mostly women. As a women owned company we are supporting them as much as we can.
We are inviting you to join our journey of helping others. Together we are stronger.

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