Our Organic Lavender is free of weeds and snakes. This mean for us really pure lavender

Who is growing our Organic Lavender Oil and how?

Meet Teddy, she is the lady taking care of our really pure organic lavender oil and keeping them free of weeds and snakes. She is the woman who looks after the lavender plants like her own child. Every spring, lavender plants are hand dug and all weeds are removed manually. You can see how clean is this organic lavender. Then during the harvest this lavender is hand trimmed to keep them clean from snakes. This is the true and pure lavender for us. We can only Imagine what is included in other essential oils which are not hand picked. 

Also, this lavender field is high in the mountains, which means it is higher on terpinen, due to the specific climate in the mountain, the generated aroma reminds of Thyme.

What our clients are saying about this lavender.

The Lavender just delivered now!
what a nice aromatic! Thank you so much!!