Bulgarian Rose Water / Hydrosol

Our Rose Water /hydrosol is our own production and we grew this fabulous aromatic plant in our own rose field in Rose Valley
We do not use any pesticides to spray our products during the growing or production process. Harvesting is handpicked and growing is hand-dug 

Bulgarian Rose Water has multiple applications:
Has an anti-inflammation, softening, and cleansing effect. Refreshes and moisturizes.
Improves blood circulation and maintains the water balance of the skin.
Soothes irritated skin. Has a local pain-reliever effect.

Our Rose Water/ Hydrosol  available in stock for wholesale has the following main constituents:
Content of essential oil % 0.089
Content of ethyl alcohol % 1.9
PH 6.2

Our Wholesale Packing of Bulgarian Rose Water is:
Plastic tubes of 30 kg (66 lb),  drums of 210 kg (462 lb), or 1 ton IBC container
If you cannot see your quantity listed on the price menu contact us for a quote

Bottling and private labeling
 is an option,
the minimum quantity is 10000 pc. Ask us for a quote
We also offer Organic Rose Water Ask us for a quote
Each sample of Rose Hydrosol we offer are from the particular batch, by giving you this sample we promise to reserve the desired quantity for you

Aroma product profile 
Botanical name - Rosa Damascena
Origin – Bulgaria
Part of plant used Flowers
Harvesting time - May - June
Method of production- water-steam distillation
Appearance – colorless liquid
Aroma- pure, ethereal, slightly bitter, like a rose garden
Density at 20°C or 68°F - 0,9500 - 1,000