Abies Alba Oil and Hydrosol USDA Organic for wholesale

Bulk Abies Alba Essential OilOur Bulk Abies Alba Oil and Hydrosol are USDA Organic
Botanical name Silver Fir
This products is available only by custom order. To ensure your quantity contact us 
Minimum purchasing quantity -10 kg 

In aromatherapy, Abies Alba has similar properties to pine oil and hydrosol-uplift and purify, dispel worry and negative emotions. 

Wholesale Packages of Abies Alba Oil are:
Aluminium cans of 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, or iron drums of 180 kg
Aluminium cans of 22 lb, 55 lb, 110 lb, 220 lb,  or iron drums of396.8 lb

Our Wholesale Packing of Abies Alba Water / Hydrosol are:

Plastic drums of 210 kg (462 lb)  or 1 ton IBC container
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