Bulk USDA Organic Abies alba (Silver Fir) Essential Oil

Pure Bulgarian Lavender bulk USDA Organic Silver Fir Oil is very aromatic, pinny and balsamic
Do you know that Abies Alba Tree from the Coniferous family has a female emergence and can support the courage in women? Ancient healers and charmers used to include it in insets and magic potions to promote self-confidence in women.
Our Organic Abies Alba Oil/ Silver Fir is wild-harvested from the region near Rila mountain(Bulgaria) and is distilled in our distillery. Our Abies Alba (Silver Fir) Oil has the following main constituents

Aroma product profile 
Main Constituents of our Abies alba Oil for wholesale are:
β-Pinene: 24.10 %
Limonene: 17.11 %

Minimum Purchasing Order 55 lb / 25 kg

Origin -Bulgaria
Harvesting-Wild organic
Part of plant used - Needles and twigs
Harvest time - March - October
Method of production - Steam distillation
Appearance - Pale-yellow to yellow-green transparent liquid / Medium liquid
Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: Fresh, clean scent/Pine-like and Balsamic/Strong aroma
Consistency: Thin
Weight per ml at 20°C  0.867 - 0.878
Refractive Index at 20°C - 1.470 - 1.485
Optical rotation - -67.0 - -32.6
Flashpoint (closed cup)- 41°C or 159 °F
Solubility in 90 % ethanol - 1: 7
Solubility in Water at 20°C 0.56 g/l
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine