Yarrow Essential Oil

Our Conventional and USDA Organic Bulk Yarrow Oil is blue and grown in Bulgaria 

Blue Yarrow Essential Oil is also known as Milfoil Essential Oil.Yarrow has a long history as a medicinal herb, which goes back to the legend of Achilles, who used it for wounds inflicted during the Trojan War. From Achilles, this magical herb has its botanical name -Achillea millefolium. Yarrow has an extensive array of aromatherapeutic properties, the most important, of which may be its ability to purify in its applications. Therapeutic properties of Milflou are similar to Blue Chamomile - healing, soothing, and antiseptic. It has a relaxing effect on muscles, nerves, belly, and breath.
It's able to power up the entire body when topically applied, yarrow's astringent and emollient qualities make it useful in promoting smooth skin on the face, body and anywhere the skin had been previously stressed to create imperfections in texture. Yarrow, as an herb, has been used extensively and traditionally to support wound healing. Yarrow's calming effect extends to the mind, where it can have a de-stressing effect that can gently overcome feelings of anxiousness, restlessness or trouble sleeping.

Minimum Purchasing Order for Yarrow Oil 35 oz / 1 kg

We also offer Bulk Yarrow Hydrosol, but only with custom pre-order.

Aroma product profile 
Main Components of Our Bulgarian Yarrow Oil
Chamazulene 6.25%
β-Pinene+Sabinene: 40%
Camphor: 0.44%

Conventional Bulgarian Yarrow Oil
Botanical name - Achillea millefolium

Origin -Bulgaria
Part of plant used - Flowering tops

Harvest time - August- September

Method of production - Steam distillation

Appearance - Intensive Dark Blue 

Aroma - Sharp, woody, herbaceous, with spicy tones

Consistency: Thin

Density at 20°C or 68°F: 0,931;   .

Refractive Index at 20°C - 1,4725
Flash Point 56°C or 132°F 
Storage - Keep containers full and closed at 5-20°C or 41-68°F, away from heat and direct sunshine