How is Bulgarian Lavender Different from other Lavenders?

Bulgaria is known to be the source of world’s exquisite Lavender, flowering tops of the Bulgarian lavender plant is steam distilled, which gives lavender oil a noticeable aroma thanks to Bulgaria’s unique climate and soil. Properties of Bulgarian Lavender oil are as rich in healing as it is in aroma.

The aroma of Bulgarian lavender is emphatic and distinct, making it the most sought after oil in perfumery – much more than its English counterpart. The therapeutic properties of Bulgarian lavender are multiplied exponentially due to high linalool and linalyl acetate content.

These properties are known to reduce stress, relieve depression and boosting the immune system making it a perfect choice for soothing blends. Bulgarian lavender has deep and a fixative scent with a herbaceous tone. Meanwhile French lavender has a lighter floral tone.

In conclusion, Bulgarian lavender oil is an exceptional choice as compared to lavender oils from other parts of the world, to order our purest lavender oil visit here