List of Bulk Raw Ingredients we offer

Pure Bulgarian Lavender  deals only with fresh harvest from the current year. We offer a wide variety of high quality raw ingredients for wholesale: pure therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes, extracts, natural waters, and etc. Products typical for Bulgarian region - conventional and organic.

List of Raw ingredients for wholesale: 

Essential Oils
Abies Alba Oil 
Chamomile BLUE Oil 
Chamomile ROMAN Oil 
Juniper berry and needles Oils
Lavender Oil 
Melissa Oil 
Pine Oil 
Rose Oil - Rosa Damascena
Rosa Alba Oi
St. John′ s Wort Oil
Yarrow blue
Zdravetz Oil Geranium Macrorhizum


Natural Flower Waters - Hydrosols
Rose Water
Rosa Alba Water
Lavender Water
White pine Water
Zdravetz Water
Camomile Water
Melissa Water
Yarrow Water