Bulk USDA Organic Essential Oils and Hydrosols

We are USDA Organic Certified and we can produce for you wide variety of organic natural products - essential oils and hydrosols typical for Bulgarian region. Main characteristic of our organic products coming from the heart of Bulgaria is the bright, radiant aroma. Due to our limited organic production and high interest, some of our organic products are available only by custom order 

Organic Rosa Damscena
Organic Bulgarian Rose
Organic Bulgarian Lavender
Organic Bulgarian Lavender 
Organic St. John's Wort OilOrganic St. John Wart Oil 
Organic Pine Oil
Organic Pine Essential Oil foe wholesale
Organic Rosa Alba 
Organic Rosa Alba 
Abies Alba Silver Fir
Organic Pine Oil
Organic Zdravets 
Organic Zdravets Oil 
Organic Juniper Berry Organic Juniper Berry Oil 
Picea Abies Black Pine USDA Organic Picea Abies Oil Black Pine 
Organic Melissa 
Organic Melissa Oil 
Organic Chamomile - Blue
Organic Blue Chamomile Oil for wholesale 
Organic Chamomile - RomanOrganic Roman Chamomile for wholesale